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"Return to Marseille."


     “So, tell me, ma petites, what really happened to you in Le Touquet?” Now, as all men should know, a woman’s curiosity cannot be satisfied with broad, general statements, so Michel launched into the detail of the catastrophe, whilst Eloise listened carefully. Josette added her little points of interest, not forgetting to mention at regular intervals, the dreadful Madame Christiane, who had far too many shoes for one person. Eloise suddenly looked at her watch and said “we must go and eat, Jules will wonder where we are, petites.”

     “Bon” nodded Michel.

     “You can carry on telling me all about it over dinner” she said.

            They arrived outside Jules restaurant in Eloise’s black BMW and were just about to get out when she said “be extra nice to Jules tonight, ma petites, he’s upset because he’s having a little difficulty with his wife.” Michel smiled and nodded, thinking ‘what an understanding mistress Eloise is’ before he said “c’est la vie.”





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