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"Good Drivers"



I believe that knowledge gained from experience should be passed on from one generation to the next. It really is the way that a civilised society makes progress towards a better, safer world, in which everyone benefits.

Sadly, people are killed and injured every day on our roads. This book is my small contribution to try and reduce those numbers of personal tragedies.

Too often individuals find out the bard way, usually at the cost to others as well as themselves, and repeat the mistakes made previously. Attempts must be made to break this endless cycle of events.

I hope that my experience and observations noted over forty years and over two million miles of motoring will help drivers of all ages and experience to improve their standards so making the roads safer for us all.

I have also used my flying experiences as a pilot to demonstrate how I believe a more thoughtful and professional approach can be made to safer driving. I have included some reflections and experiences from my many years at Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd., when I test-drove every new car that was produced.

I hope this book is informative, memorable and amusing.

I also hope that it will make a small and real contribution

to road safety.





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