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"Company Drivers"



It is a fact that new and far reaching legislation will affect they way in which companies and their employees carry on with their daily business activities.

The responsibilities of management will encompass many areas from care, consideration and safety of employees whilst driving on business to realistic work loads and call rates whilst ensuring that all vehicles in the fleet are properly maintained to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

The responsibilities of the driver employees is to ensure that they are fit and well and ready to drive in the ‘safety style’ of driving each working day. They must ensure that they advise their vehicle fleet manager of any incident, accident or mechanical fault that may occur at any time and that includes when the vehicle is used outside working hours on social activity.

Every driver must check their vehicle regularly for fluid levels, tyre and brake wear, wipers and washers, lights and indicators.

Drivers must be ready and open to accept any driver training or assessment that the company deems appropriate and within the scope of a driver training programme. This is not unreasonable and although many drivers feel that after years of driving experience such training or assessment is un-necessary. This is manifestly incorrect as it is a fact that over the years bad habits creep into most driver’s performance. In the safe world of Commercial Aviation, all pilots undergo a full safety and aircraft handling check flight every six months with an examiner for as long as they fly. No exceptions are made for any pilot no matter how many hours flown, or years of experience, they all have to have the safety check.

The new proposed legislation is going to have an affect on the way business activity is conducted in this country. To ensure that the legislation is adhered to, companies and their employees must work together as a team. Co-operation and realistic approaches to the day to day problems must become paramount and it is incumbent for both management and employees to work closely together and with complete understanding.




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