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"The Tavistock Square Murders."



“As my report has already stated, Mrs. Barton-Welles was

strangled and her maid, Doreen MacQuire was stabbed with a

long, thin bladed weapon…”

“Has that been recovered yet?” interrupted Bell.

“No, sir.”

“You’ve searched the area?”

“Yes, sir, two constables have covered all of Plender Street and

the adjoining streets without success” replied Hadley.

“Go on.”

“The jewellery that was stolen has not been recovered yet but I

am hopeful that I will have some information about that today.”

“Good, now what about any suspects?”

“Too early at the moment, sir, but I do believe the murders

were connected and were possibly carried out by the same

assailant” said Hadley.

“How do you know that?”

“The maid, sir, she wasn’t robbed and it is most unlikely that

she would have any enemies who would wish to murder her”

replied Hadley.

“So why should the murderer attack her?”

“Possibly she witnessed the killing of her mistress, sir” replied


“Why didn’t the assailant kill her at the house in Tavistock


“Because he had to make sure that Mrs. Barton-Welles was

quite dead before he could chase Doreen MacQuire, after she ran

out to get help” replied Hadley.

“But she was killed in Plender Street, where you live, by the

way, which is some distance from Tavistock Square” said Bell.

“Indeed, sir, and all I can surmise, is that the man took his time

ensuring Mrs. Barton-Welles was dead before he made off after

the maid and possibly he lost her in the fog for a while or, he

walked close behind waiting for an opportune moment to kill”

replied Hadley.

“Hmm, not sure about that” mused Bell.

“The maid was actually killed outside my neighbour’s house,

they heard a man shouting followed by the maid’s screams and

then the sound of him running away.”

“How shocking, so, no suspect yet?”

“I’m afraid not, sir.”

“Well, keep at it, now, the Bonds, what progress there?”

“I’m sure that it is either fraud by Mr. Walker or a member of

the household is the thief” replied Hadley.

“Good God, Hadley, that’s a most unlikely situation” said Bell


“I believe that as there is no sign of a forced entry, the

perpetrator must be from within” replied Hadley.

“Sir Robert is a highly respected gentleman and without doubt,

all his staff are of the very highest and without blemish” replied

Bell firmly.

“A quarter of a million US Dollars, sir, is a sum of money that

would tempt the most loyal servant” said Hadley.



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