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After quickly briefing Cooper with the facts, the detectives set off for the Marylebone Hospital in a Hansom. Hadley remained deep in thought regarding the implications of the case and hardly spoke to Cooper, who knew when to remain quiet.

     They arrived at the office in the mortuary where Doctor Evans greeted them with a sad countenance. The leading London Pathologist waved the detectives to sit before saying “the cruelty of mankind sometimes leaves me almost speechless, Jim.”

     “I understand how you feel, Doctor” said Hadley with a sigh.

     “Never more so than now.”

     “How did they die?”

     “Both young women were strangled after they had been brutally violated and tortured” replied Evans.

     “Good God Almighty” whispered Hadley.

     “And from my initial examination of the bodies, more than one assailant violated each woman” said Evans.

     “So a gang of men raped, tortured and then strangled them” said Hadley.

     “Yes, Jim.”

     “The bloody fiends” said Cooper.

     “And there are cuts and burn marks on both bodies in identical places on the torso, legs and round the breasts, which is unusual” said Evans.

     “Do you think the assailants were engaged in some form of parallel ritual torture?”

     “Yes, that’s the most probable explanation for the injuries, Jim.”

     “Which rules out that a gang of ruffians carried out these murderous attacks” said Hadley.

     “Yes I think so, this was cruel and organised murder by a group of deranged men” said Evans. Hadley remained silent for a few moments before he asked “may we see them?”