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When Professor Horace Wingate left the Victoria Hotel in Salisbury with his assistant, Mr Peter Taylor, on a bright, cold morning in December 1881 to drive to the ancient monument of Stonehenge, he could not have imagined the dreadful discovery that lay ahead of him.

     The Professor and his assistant had arrived from London by train the night before and were looking forward to their work at Stonehenge. Professor Wingate was the curator of Celtic artefacts at the British Museum also he had studied the Druid religion carefully and was an acknowledge expert on the subject. He had subsequently written a number of books about the Druids and their conflicts with the invading Roman army which had been well received by his peers.


It was their intention to measure the distance between the Blue Stones that are situated inside the main structures and make calculations regarding their positioning at the time of the winter solstice. Wingate went ahead of Taylor into the stone circle and stood with his hands on his hips, gazing up at the vast achievements of our ancestors. Taylor joined him with the case and portmanteau. He placed them on the ground near a pillar and after glancing around said “look Professor, there’s someone asleep over there on the altar stone.” Wingate looked in the direction of the prominent stone, which lies on its side beneath the towering pillars, and said “good heavens, so there is.” They strode across the circle to the altar stone and as they drew near they saw the body of a well dressed man laying there with his open eyes staring towards the sky. There was a river of blood that had poured from a gash in his throat down the side of the stone.

     “Good God! The man’s dead and he’s been murdered, Peter!” said Wingate as he looked in horror at the corpse.