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"The Holy Grail Murders."





     ‘If you would, my Lord,’ said the Commissioner.

     ‘As I’m sure you all know, the Grail is believed to have been used by our Saviour at the last supper and then Joseph of Arimathea used it to collect the blood of Christ at his crucifixion. It was not mentioned again until the Knights Templar returned from Jerusalem after the first crusade when it was rumoured that they had discovered the Grail and brought it back to France. There is no record of its whereabouts until 1312 when King Philip IV abolished the Templar’s and raided their bank in Paris searching for gold and the Grail, but his men found nothing. At that time the Knights Templar had a fleet of ships at anchor in La Rochelle and it is rumoured that they sailed away to Scotland with all their gold and of course the Holy Grail. Robert the Bruce welcomed them and gave them sanctuary but nothing was ever heard of the Grail again. It is rumoured that it was taken back to France by a select band of Templar’s after King Philip died, but as far as I know there is no written evidence to support this. So it may be that the Grail is still in Scotland, as I do believe, or it could be in France, which I doubt, but it appears that somehow William Porter knew where it is hidden.’ 

     ‘And his killers knew that he had that information and used torture to try and discover its whereabouts,’ said the Commissioner.

     ‘It would seem so,’ said Stillwell.

     ‘If he has told them, then we have a race on our hands to find it before they do, sir,’ said Bell.

     ‘I don’t think the killers know, sir,’ said Hadley.

     ‘What makes you so sure about that, Hadley?’ asked Bell.

     ‘Because his brother has been found tortured and killed in the same way, so it is reasonable to assume that the murderers are still searching for the information, sir.’

     ‘I agree, Hadley, so we must follow up every line of inquiry, interview everyone who knew Porter or his brother to establish any link with the killers,’ said the Commissioner.

     ‘Very good, sir,’ said Hadley.

     ‘And if you need more resources I will sanction them, Hadley,’ said the great one.

     ‘Thank you, sir.’

            ‘I’m sure that won’t be necessary, sir, after all you have agreed