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"The Gigolo Murders."



Hadley had been a young constable on his beat around the dark alleys of Whitechapel for many years before he was promoted up through the ranks to his present position. As he was a fair and caring Policeman he made many friends during those times and the closest was a woman of uncertain years called Agnes Cartwright. She had been married to a drunken brute of a man whom Hadley arrested on many occasions for petty theft and fighting, until he fell into the Thames and drowned after a drunken brawl. Agnes had a number of men in her life, the last one had tricked her into prostitution and now she had given up all hope of finding a man whom she could trust. She gave personal relief to gentlemen for five shillings a time, two and sixpence on Monday’s to encourage trade on her quiet night and Hadley thought highly of this well rounded lady with brown eyes and a ready smile. Agnes had taken Florrie Dean, a young blonde housemaid, under her wing. Florrie had been dismissed after being discovered half naked with the master of the house, in the pantry, amongst the pastries. Florrie’s angry mistress vowed she would never again serve Victoria Sponge to her polite society friends who came to tea, and refused to give Florrie a reference. Without any hope of further employment, she had no option but to sell herself on the streets of Whitechapel. Florrie was as enterprising as she was attractive and gave a very special service to the more discerning gentleman and as a result had a growing list of clients from the London Clubs who could not resist her ‘specials’.