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"The Diplomat Murders."




     ‘Right… a gentleman came into the station at three fifteen and reported to my Duty Sergeant that a man was found dead on a seat in Hyde Park. It appeared he’d been stabbed and a woman was seen running away towards the Victoria Gate. I hurried over with Sergeant Edwards and was surprised to find four men carrying the body through the Park, so I identified myself and told them that this was a Police investigation.’

     ‘What happened next?’

     ‘I instructed them to leave the body immediately but one of them said the deceased was a Diplomat from the Rumanian Embassy and they were taking the corpse there. I challenged this but the man claimed Diplomatic Immunity and they carried on walking. I remained with them and attempted to enter the Embassy to speak to a higher authority but was forcibly barred from doing so.’

     ‘Good grief.’

     ‘So I came back here and immediately telegraphed the Yard.’

     ‘Hmm, this is not going to be easy… what about the woman? Any sign of her?’

     ‘No, Jim, she’s disappeared.’

     ‘Any other witnesses?’

     ‘Yes, a nanny pushing a pram says she thought she saw the woman sitting on the seat with the victim but can’t be sure and the gentleman who reported the incident says he only heard the woman scream before she ran off,’ replied Baxter.

     ‘Not a lot to go on then,’ said Hadley gloomily.

     ‘I’m afraid not, Jim.’

     ‘Are the two witnesses still here?’

     ‘No, Jim, they’ve given statements, which really don’t amount to much, but we have their addresses if you want to speak to them,’ replied Baxter.

     ‘Yes I think I will after I get the Commissioner to ask the Home Secretary to send a telegraph through to the Embassy.’

     ‘Blimey Jim, that will take some doing!’

     ‘Everything is possible when a murder has been committed, Peter,’ said Hadley with a smile.