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    I first saw Eric as I got close to the ‘Princess’, he was leaning back on one of the large wooden jetty supports, and I was struck first of all by his height.  He was a very big guy and as I got nearer to my yacht I could not stop looking at him.  He had a most handsome face, a mop of blonde hair, a neat beard and a pair of blue eyes that penetrated the deepest part of a woman’s soul.  Oh my God!  He moved, straightened up and I realised he was going to speak.

            “Hello” he smiled.  I couldn’t answer so I just nodded and mumbled something.  Well it’s not every day that a tall, very good looking, tanned, blue eyed stranger says ‘hello’.  I gazed into his eyes with a thousand yard stare normally associated with rabbits about to be run over on the Freeway.

            “Hello” he repeated.

            “Hi” I managed.

            “Are you going sailing, Helen?”

            “Yes” I replied, forgetting to ask how he knew my name.

            “It’s a good day for it, the wind is calm and the sea is gentle” he nodded.

            “Sure is” I replied with a little more confidence.  Was this guy trying to hit on me or did he just want to go sailing?

            “Do I know you?” I said in a firm tone.

            “My name is Eric Bloodaxe, but please just call me Eric.”  Well, I was glad we got the ‘Bloodaxe’ out of the way.  I mean, why couldn’t we have been introduced properly at one of Dad’s auto trade functions?  Eric would look fabulous in a white Tuxedo with that tan and blonde hair and I could look pretty cute in that little black dress that Reece bought me for my birthday, although it does make my bum look a bit big.

            “Are you a yachtsman, Eric?” I ventured nervously, realising that I was all alone on the jetty with this gorgeous creature.

            “No, not really, I’m a Viking, more use to rowing than sailing” he smiled.

            “Of course you are” I replied, attempting to humour this giant.

            “So, if you’re going sailing, I’ll come with you and we can talk” he said firmly.

            “I don’t think so, Eric.”

            “Why not?”

            “I don’t know who you are” I replied.

            “I’ve told you, I’m Eric Bloodaxe.”

            “It’s the Bloodaxe that makes me nervous” I replied, now certain I was dealing with a psycho and I glanced back along the jetty hoping I might see someone.  There was nobody in sight.

Suddenly he took several giant strides across the jetty and stepped aboard the ‘Princess’.



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