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"August in Grambois"


Monique was shaking him vigorously “Michel, Michel, wake up! Wake up!”

“What’s the matter?” he mumbled.

“There are strangers in our swimming pool, and they’re naked!” hissed his wife.

He was now coming to quite quickly.


“You heard, there’s a naked couple in the pool, Mama’s having a fit, Alexis has opened a bottle already and Hélène going out to join them!”

“Mon Dieu!” thought Michel and said “they must be the campers”

“What campers?”

“The one’s I brought home last night.”

“Last night?”

“Stop repeating everything I say you stupid woman!”

“Well get up and do something!”

Michel struggled into his underpants whilst Monique held out his socks for him.

“Hurry!” she whispered.

“I am hurrying, can’t you see?”

Michel pulled on his trousers, slipped into his socks and then pulled on a T shirt. He was out of the bedroom in a flash followed by Monique. When they reached the pool it was too late, Aunt Hélène was already naked and in with the campers.

“Hi,” said the young man as he spotted Michel and Monique. Michel waved and before they could say anything the young man said “your Mum’s a great swimmer.” Michel did not understand a word and Monique asked “are they Americans?”

“1 don’t know, but it doesn’t matter where they’re from they’ naked in our pool, damned cheek!” replied Michel.

“Aunt Hélène, you’d better get out” said Michel firmly.

“Why?” asked the naked aunt as she gently breast stroked h way past Michel and his angry wife.

“These people are foreigners” he replied.

‘‘So?’’ parried the defiant aunt.

“It’s not seemly” said Monique.

“Nonsense” replied Hélène “they are young people with lovely bodies enjoying themselves.”

“Aunt Hélène!” exclaimed Michel.

“If you both swam more, you Michel would lose some weight and you Monique would not be so nervy” replied the truculent aunt.

“I’ll get Alexis” said Monique with menace and she left the scene abruptly.

“Get who you want” replied Hélène “I’m not coming out ‘til I’m ready, not even for the President of France.”





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